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How to make a flyer: A Practical Guide

Flyer – the most affordable form of advertising and budget. But most of all information obtained in the course of or in your mailbox, a cursory look through people and immediately discarded if there is nothing “catchy”. Only well-designed flyer, fell into the hands of the target audience, shoots right on target.

Competently – so in compliance with the rules of advertising texts, with thoughtful design and quality printing. Principles, which we now describe will help you how to make a flyer on their own and check the work, if you order her advertising agency.

The format of the leaflets you pick and choose based on the amount of text, the availability of photographs and illustrations. Most popular formats A5 and A6 (half and a quarter of A4): this area will help you arrange and text, and pictures to add.

Table Of Contents. Key information should be evident when skimming. Build sentences short and clear. Avoid formulations with negation. How to make a flyer even more attractive? Think newsworthy, backed by some benefit to the potential customer. For example, if you open a store, a gift promise, offer or discount card bearer leaflets. Such a move would also track the effectiveness of your advertising and give it added value.

Flyer design should be harmonious: the background color and the text should not distract from the main content. Use a different font size for the main and additional information. Well-chosen photographs and illustrations, “support” the text and create the desired associative links. Be sure to add to the layout of your logo!

Checking the finished model: the Emergency Committee. Before you give the layout into production, make sure you did not miss anything. After reading your advertising message, the client should get the answer to question 4:

Where: venue, address shops, website
When the date and time of the event, the duration of the action or the time of the offer;
What: what event is happening, about what goods and services in question;
Why or how much: a reason to have events, why it is important for him to get there, what is the price of the goods or services.
Just be sure to have all the answers appear in the text, can be terms of reference for the printing and safely send the layout to print.

Production. The quality of the printing industry plays an important role in shaping attitudes toward your flyer: it should stand out not only the content, it must be a pleasure to hold in their hands! If you’ve never experienced the production of printed materials, it is possible to negotiate with a representative of the printing of the meeting and view samples. It takes a bit of your time, but will give an understanding of what the paper and printing method to choose. At the same time specify the terms of production. Now you know exactly how to make flyers that read. The case for small – to hand them over to potential customers at the right time and the right place!

Specificity of leaflets advertising

Advertising leaflets – rather peculiar form of advertising: for some it causes irritation, while others tend to be browsing leaflets, as repeatedly found them useful information.

Advertising with flyers is the cheapest way to deliver information to consumers. Therefore, many customers these advertisements are concerned about how effective this method of advertising and what determines the success or failure of this method of advertising.

As the experience of the use of flyers, the advertisement can be quite effective for all companies and organizations that offer products or services to the public. Assessing how advertising can be effective, it is necessary to take into account the need of the population in a certain area of ​​the proposed products or services, prices of your products or services, the availability of competing organizations that produce similar products.

Of course, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign using leaflets and booklets, depends largely on the quality and responsible work leafleting.

Another important factor affecting the efficiency of the leaflets is their interesting and exciting design. It is also important to correctly identify with a circulation of leaflets, dispersal, the timing of the campaign.

Consider these factors in more detail.

1. First you need to do in order to start work leaflet – extend it so that potential customers can read the information offered in the leaflet.

In Moscow, there are two main ways to deliver unaddressed flyers and booklets: using regular hawkers and homeworkers.

The system of posting staff members more efficient, although cost customers more. However, it allows for the possibility of permanent control over the quality of the dissemination of leaflets and handling distributors (mobility). Increased control, although it increases the cost of work, but it allows the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising not think about the quality of delivery, and to analyze the impact on the effectiveness of advertising other factors: area, circulation, season, layout, day of the week, weather, etc.

Mobile teams peddlers allows you to quickly change the areas of distribution of leaflets, change the number of ads distributed in the day (ie, affect the amount of response calls from the public). Same influence on telecommuting after issuing his job and leaflets nearly impossible. Moreover, progress reports homeworkers pass at the end of the posting is to take their circulation or preliminary, rather imprecise, on the phone.

It is clear that the firm, working with homeworkers, can not meet the full requirements of many customers, ensuring the effectiveness of advertising. Check the quality of the delivery of leaflets homeworker hard inside the firm, not to mention the customer. Although home-based system allows you to declare customers lower prices, cheaper work actually takes place at the expense of the customer, because homeworkers paid less, respectively, and demand from him less, and therefore the effectiveness of advertising, usually below.

In any case, much of the leaflets still reaches its destination, what we are able to make every night to open our mailbox. Most of the flyers we throw away, some do cause me more interest and desire to read the information contained in the leaflet. What influences our choices?

Color scheme, design and print leaflets

For any promotional items is very important competent design, in particular color scheme. It is known that the color has a very strong influence on the human perception of advertising. As a rule, above all a man pays attention to the bright, colorful image. Therefore, in order to attract customers try to use colorful booklets and leaflets.

Full color is the most common form of printing flyers and booklets, which aim to attract customers. As a rule, leaflets and booklets, in addition to the text, contains colorful images, photos. Leaflets and booklets attract the eye, effectively attract attention, arouse interest.

If a company has a corporate colors, a good solution is to print flyers or brochures using the company’s colors. Corporate colors used in the design of your flyer or booklet to help potential customers better remember the company, with a booklet or leaflet obtained colorful and stylish.

Sometimes leaflets or booklets are printed in black and white. Such promotional items is not so spectacular, but saves finances. In addition, in certain situations, if you want to print or scientific training booklet containing test or table, price lists, text without illustrations, this seal may be good decision. Two-color booklet or leaflet can be printed in the company’s colors, as well as in any other, contrasting colors.

Such a print called Duotone and is often used by designers. As a rule, one of the colors with two-color printing can be black – it goes well with bright colors, especially gold and silver. If black makes you a negative attitude, you can choose a different ratio of colors: red and white, blue and white, etc. Experienced designers will always prompt you the best color combination for your flyers or brochures, but we will respect your wishes and preferences. The main thing – do not forget about your potential customers, which is created to bring promotional products – leaflet or booklet must impress it on your target audience. Very often, booklets, made using two-color printing, look stylish and elegant and stand out against the colorful leaflets and booklets. In addition, two-color printing can save your finances.

Of course, print Duotone is not suitable for the production of leaflets or booklets, representing many illustrations or photographs of the goods or services. In this case, are best run color printing offset, perfectly suited for playing back images of photographic quality. Short runs of leaflets can be made by means of digital printing, which is also good to play colorful images.

Choice of colors, as well as development of the design of the booklet or leaflet, in each case is individual. For different purposes, different products, financial possibilities of the customer, color leaflets or booklets and their design will be different.

Bright, colorful leaflets and booklets companies are able to effectively attract attention, thus finding new customers, and duatonnye two-color leaflets and booklets can be used to report discounts and promotions, familiarization with the price list of the company, etc. Quite often, two-color flyers and booklets are very effective advertising media. In addition, two-color printing saves and is therefore the best option for making cheap and simple promotional products for mass distribution and spreading the mailboxes. .

Print full-color and two-color flyers and booklets.

The optimal way to print full-color promotional products is the use of printing machines with a number of sections of four or more. Print two-color products, we recommend that you use a two-section printed machine. When producing leaflets and booklets on printing equipment having a greater number of sections, you will not get significant savings.

The structure of our printing center includes a design studio. Our designers will not only help you to choose the optimal color scheme of your booklet with the activities of your company, the advertised product and the target audience, but also help to save without losing not only the quality but also the attractiveness of your promotional products.